Scorpio 6DVD

(1) Westinghouse TV broadcast (New York, NY); recorded March 1963
(2) March On Washington (Washington, DC); August 28, 1963
(3) Quest TV broadcast (Toronto, ON); February 1, 1964
(4) Steve Allen Show (Los Angeles, CA); February 25, 1964
(5) Newport Folk Festival (Newport, RI); July 26, 1964
(6) BBC "Tonight" show (London, UK); May 12, 1964
(7) Don't Look Back outtakes (unidentified UK venue(s), May 1965)
(8) Newport Folk Festival (Newport, RI); July 25, 1965
(9) Odeon (Glasgow, Scotland); May 19, 1966
(10) "Johnny Cash: The Man And His Music" (Nashville, TN); February 17, 1969
(11) Johnny Cash Show (Nashville, TN); May 1, 1969
(12) "Earl Scruggs Performing With His Family And Friends" (Carmel, NY); December 1970
(13) The Concert For Bangla Desh (New York, NY); August 1, 1971 (evening)
(14) The World Of John Hammond (Chicago, IL); September 10, 1975
(15) Renaldo And Clara
(16) The Last Waltz (San Francisco, CA); November 25, 1976
(17) Universal Amphitheater (Los Angeles, CA); June 1, 1978
(18) Municipal Auditorium (Nashville, TN); December 2, 1978
(19) Saturday Night Live (New York, NY); October 20, 1979
(20) Grammy Awards (Los Angeles, CA); February 27, 1980
(21) Massey Theatre (Toronto, ON); April 19, 1980
(22) Stade Municipal des Minimes (Toulouse, France); June 21, 1981
(23) Palace Des Sports (Avignon, France); July 25, 1981
(24) Peace Sunday (Los Angeles, CA); June 6, 1982
(25) promotional videos (new York, NY); May 1983
(26) David Letterman TV rehearsals (New York, NY); March 22, 1984
(27) David Letterman TV (New York, NY); March 22, 1984
(28) Arena (Verona, Italy); May 29, 1984
(29) Arena (Verona, Italy); May 28, 1984
(30) St. Pauli Stadion (Hamburg, West Germany); May 31, 1984
(31) Olympia Stadion (Munich, West Germany); June 3, 1984
(32) Minestadio (Barcelona, Spain); June 28, 1984
(33) USA For Africa video (Hollywood, CA); January 28, 1985
(34) Live Aid (Philadelphia, PA); July 13, 1985
(35) promotional video shoot (Hollywood, CA); August 22, 1985
(36) Farm Aid rehearsal (Los Angeles, CA); September 19, 1985
(37) Farm Aid (Champaign, IL); September 22, 1985 [ABC news footage]
(38) Farm Aid (Champaign, IL); September 22, 1985 [TNN broadcast]
(39) "Whistle Test" (BBC2); recorded November 22, as broadcast November 26, 1985
(40) Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration (Washington, DC); January 20, 1986
(41) Budokan Hall (Tokyo, Japan); March 10, 1986
(42) Amnesty International benefit, The Forum (Los Angeles, CA); June 6, 1986
(43) Sports Arena (San Diego, CA); June 9, 1986
(44) Chabad Telethon (Mountain View, CA); August 5, 1986 soundcheck
(45) Gershwin Gala (New York, NY); March 11, 1987
(46) Waldorf Astoria Hotel Ballroom (New York, NY); January 20, 1988
(47) Panathanaikos Stadio (Athens, Greece); June 28, 1989
(48a) "One Irish Rover" (Athens, Greece); June 27, 1989 [including raw/unbroadcast footage]
(48b) "One Irish Rover" (Athens, Greece); June 27, 1989 [raw/unbroadcast footage]
(49) Roy Orbison Tribute (Los Angeles, CA); February 24, 1990
(50) Grammy Awards (New York, NY); February 20, 1991
(51) Guitar Legends Festival (Seville, Spain); October 17, 1991
(52) Late Night 10th Anniversary Special (New York, NY); January 18, 1992
(53) Bobfest rehearsals (New York, NY); October 1992
(54) Bobfest (New York, NY); October 16, 1992
(55) "A Country Music Celebration" (Nashville, TN); January 13, 1993
(56) Lincoln Memorial (Washington, DC); January 17, 1993
(57) "The Big Six-O" (Austin, TX); April 28, 1993
(58) David Letterman TV (New York, NY); November 18, 1993
(59) Great Music Experience (Nara, Japan); May 22, 1994
(60) Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (Cleveland, OH); September 2, 1995
(61) Frank Sinatra Tribute (Los Angeles, CA); November 19, 1995
(62) Prince's Trust (Hyde Park, UK); June 29, 1996
(63) World Eucharistic Conference (Bologna, Italy); September 27, 1997
(64) Grammy Awards (New York, NY); February 25, 1998
(65) Johnny Cash Tribute (TNT); broadcast April 6, 1999
(66) Academy Awards broadcast (Los Angeles, CA); March 25, 2001
(67) Grammy Awards (Los Angeles, CA); February 27, 2002
(68) Crossroads Benefit (New York, NY); June 30, 1999

Tracklist: (1) Blowin' In the Wind, Man Of Constant Sorrow, Ballad of Hollis Brown
(2) When The Ship Comes In [w/Joan Baez]; Only A Pawn In Their Game
(3) Times They Are A-Changin', Talkin' World War III Blues, Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll, Girl Of The North Country, Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, Restless Farewell
(4) Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
(5) All I Really Want To Do
(6) With God On Our Side
(7) It's All Over Now Baby Blue, All I Really Want To Do
(8) Maggie's Farm [inc], Mr. Tambourine Man
(9) Ballad Of A Thin Man
(10) One Too Many Mornings [w/Johnny Cash]
(11) I Threw It All Away, Living The Blues; Girl From The North Country [w/Johnny Cash]
(12) East Virginia Blues, Nashville Skyline Rag
(13) Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, It Takes A Lot To Laugh, Blowin' In The Wind, Just Like A Woman
(14) Oh Sister, Hurricane, Simple Twist Of Fate
(15) When I Paint My Masterpiece [10/31/75, Plymouth]; Isis, Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall [12/4/75, Montreal]; It Ain't Me Babe [11/20/75, Cambridge]; It Takes A Lot To Laugh [11/21/75E, Boston]; Romance In Durango [12/4/75, Montreal]; House Of The Rising Sun [11/28/75, Quebec City]; One More Cup Of Coffee, Sara, Never Let Me Go [w/Joan Baez; 12/4/75, Montreal]; Tangled Up In Blue [11/21/75E, Boston]; Just Like A Woman; Knockin' On Heaven's Door [w/Roger McGuinn, 11/20/75, Cambridge]
(16) Forever Young, Baby Let Me Follow You Down; I Shall Be Released (w/ensemble)
(17) Like A Rolling Stone
(18) Mr. Tambourine Man, Masters Of War, Changing Of The Guards
(19) Gotta Serve Somebody, I Believe In You, When You Gonna Wake Up
(20) Gotta Serve Somebody
(21) I Will Love Him
(22) Just Like A Woman [inc]
(23) Shot Of Love, Heart Of Mine
(24) [w/Joan Baez] With God On Our Side, A Pirate Looks At Forty, Blowin' In The Wind
(25) License To Kill, Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight
(26) I Once Knew A Man, Jokerman, License To Kill, Treat Her Right, My Guy (inst)
(27) Don't Start Me To Talking, License To Kill, Jokerman
(28) Blowin' In The Wind, Times They Are A-Changin'; Blowin' In The Wind, Times They Are A-Changin', Like A Rolling Stone
(29) All Along The Watchtower
(30) Like A Rolling Stone, Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll, Blowin' In The Wind, Tombstone Blues
(31) Blowin' In The Wind
(32) Like A Rolling Stone, Mr. Tambourine Man, Don't Think Twice, Blowin' In The Wind
(33) rehearsal excerpts
(34) When The Ship Comes In, Ballad Of Hollis Brown, Blowin' In The Wind
(35) I've Got A Feeling, I Shall Be Released [Dave Stewart w/Dylan]
(36) What'd I Say, Baby What You Want Me To Do, Shake, I'll Remember You, Forever Young, Louie Louie, And Then He Kissed Me, Alabama Bound, That Lucky Old Sun
(37) Clean Cut Kid, That Lucky Old Sun
(38) Shake, I'll Remember You, Trust Yourself, Maggie's Farm
(39) unidentified instrumentals
(40) I Shall Be Released; Blowin' In The Wind [w/Peter, Paul and Mary]
(41) I And I, Like A Rolling Stone, Knockin'On Heaven's Door
(42) License To Kill, Shake A Hand
(43) Positively Fourth Street
(44) Thank God
(45) Soon
(46) Like A Rolling Stone, All Along The Watchtower
(47) Highway 61 Revisited
(48a) Crazy Love, Foreign Window, One Irish Rover [Van Morrison w/Dylan]
(48b) And It Stoned Me [Van Morrison w/Dylan]
(49) Mr. Tambourine Man [Byrds w/Dylan]
(50) Masters Of War
(51) [Dylan w/Jack Bruce] All Along The Watchtower; [Dylan w/Richard Thompson] Boots Of Spanish Leather, Across The Borderline, Answer Me; [Dylan w/Keith Richard] Shake Rattle And Roll
(52) Like A Rolling Stone
(53) It Takes A Lot To Laugh (2 takes)
(54) Song To Woody, It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding); My Back Pages [w/ensemble]; Knockin' On Heaven's Door [w/complete ensemble]; Girl From The North Country
(55) Heartland [w/Willie Nelson]
(56) Chimes Of Freedom
(57) Pancho And Lefty [w/Willie Nelson]; Hard Times
(58) Forever Young
(59) Ring Them Bells, Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, I Shall Be Released
(60) All Along The Watchtower, Just Like A Woman, Seeing The Real You At Last, Highway 61 Revisited; Forever Young [w/Bruce Springsteen]
(61) Restless Farewell
(62) LeopardSkin PillBox Hat, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Silvio, Positively Fourth Street, Highway 61 Revisited
(63) Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, Forever Young
(64) Love Sick
(65) Train Of Love
(66) Things Have Changed
(67) Cry A While
(68) Don't Think Twice [w/Eric Clapton]; Crossroads [Clapton w/Dylan]

NOTE: Not recommended as a commercial artifact. This set includes nearly a full disc's worth of pirated tracks (listed in italics). The DVD authoring is clumsy and obtrusive; the menus are primitive and incomplete. Many tracks are hamhandedly edited, to shave off part or all of the intros or outros; therefore, the transitions can be unnecessarily abrupt and are sometimes jarring. Some scarcer, sometimes historic tracks where Dylan was a backing musician have been pointlessly chopped out or excluded -- most notably "Keep Your Eyes On The Prize," from August 1963, as well as the later Chabad telethons -- to make room for recent, quite common, or occasionally trivial material. The extensive set of excerpts from Renaldo And Clara in particular seems added to pad out the set (and inflate its price); virtually all the purchasers of this set can be expected to seek out the complete film. By all accounts, this is not even a "best sources" compilation; quite a few selections reportedly circulate in better (or at least glitch-free) video or superior sound. The packaging is minimal; the listings and annotations are often unreliable, occasionally clearly incorrect. All that said, however, it is also more than fair to agree that the set compiles the great majority of circulating, pro-shot Dylan performance video recordings in, for the most part, high-grade audio and video. [Only the Don't Look Back outtakes are newly circulating, and their provenance is a shade dubious.] Most (but not all) of the exclusions are fragmentary or murky, or are part of free-standing recordings. The description of it as "the backbone" of a Dylan DVD-video collection is certainly accurate (even though a bit of spinal surgery would have be advisable). In many ways this is a worthwhile compilation -- but it definitely is not worth the inflated prices at which is has often been offered for sale. A fan project based on this set now circulates with the technical defects remedied, and is certainly the preferred form of this compilation.