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Update (March 31, 2004):  The site now includes pages for the cover songs Dylan has performed.  The list is certainly not complete for the 1960s, because the documentation of early concerts and club dates is quite incomplete, but I hope I have included all of the well-documented covers as well as some of the more obscure choices.
Identifying Dylan's first live performances of his songs (and of his covers) has been an increasingly popular pastime, but lately bad information has been driving out good. Too often the earliest surviving common recording is being reported as a song's premiere, and published accounts ignored (especially when no specific date is attached). Such dates are often wrong by months or years.

I've tried here to identify, within the available information, to identify the live debuts which can be reliably dated, and provide a brief summary of available information when no specific date can be provided. I've limited the listings to songs which Dylan has performed live or has included on official releases, or which have been included on commercial releases by other performers.

Corrections and additional information are, as always, gracelessly appreciated.

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