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no label 1DVD

(1) Festival (Newport, RI); July 26, 1964/July 24, 1965
(2) Festival (Newport, RI); July 25, 1965
(3) "Johnny Cash: The Man And His Music" (Nashville, TN); February 17, 1969
(4) Johnny Cash Show (Nashville, TN); May 1, 1969
(5) "Earl Scruggs Performing With His Family And Friends" (Carmel, NY); December 1970
(6) Concert For Bangla Desh (New York, NY); August 1, 1971 (evening)
(7) The World Of John Hammond (Chicago, IL); September 10, 1975
(8) Saturday Night Live (New York, NY); October 20, 1979
(9) Municipal Auditorium (Nashville, TN); December 2, 1978

Tracklist: (1) All I Really Want To Do [spliced]
(2) Maggie's Farm, Mr. Tambourine Man
(3) One Too Many Mornings [w/Johnny Cash]
(4) I Threw It All Away, Living The Blues; Girl From The North Country [w/Johnny Cash]
(5) East Virginia Blues, Nashville Skyline Rag [w/Earl Scruggs]
(6) Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, It Takes A Lot To Laugh, Blowin' In The Wind, Just Like A Woman
(7) Hurricane, Oh Sister, Simple Twist Of Fate
(8) Gotta Serve Somebody, I Believe In You, When You Gonna Wake Up
(9) Mr. Tambourine Man, Masters Of War, Changing Of The Guards

NOTE: Some listings for the "compilation" DVD series include the Bangla Desh concert footage on volume 10.