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YE SHALL BE CHANGED No live performance


YEA! HEAVY AND A BOTTLE OF BREAD November 11, 2002 Madison Square Garden (NYC)


YOU AIN'T GOIN' NOWHERE April 10, 1997 Sullivan Gym (Portland, ME)


YOU ANGEL YOU January 14, 1990 Penn State University (State College)


YOU CHANGED MY LIFE No live performance


YOU TOOK MY BREATH AWAY No live performance


YOU'RE A BIG GIRL NOW May 1, 1976 Reid Greene Coliseum (Hattiesburg)


YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME LONESOME WHEN YOU GO April 22, 1976 (evening) Bellevue Biltmore Hotel (Clearwater)


YOU'VE BEEN HIDING TOO LONG April 12, 1963 Town Hall (New York City)
Only known live performance of this song.