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Noel (Paul) Stookey remembers showing Dylan the newspaper article which inspired the song after one of Dylan's short Gaslight sets in the spring of 1961; the next night, he recalls, Dylan returned with a fully written talking blues song. Robert Shelton wrote of hearing Dylan perform the song the night they first met, at a Monday night Gerdes hoot in June. A June walk-on performance at Club 47 in Cambridge has also been reported.


TALKIN' DEVIL No known live performance


TALKIN' HAVA NEGEILAH BLUES probably spring 1961
Often mentioned as part of Dylan's club sets, but never reliably documented for any specific date. Found on an undated setlist from his September 1961 Gerdes booking, but reported as far back (by one source) as his April Gerdes appearances.


Although no live performance is documented before the September 22, 1962, Carnegie Hall hootenanny recording, the song's lyrics were published in Broadside's first issue in February 1962. Dylan recorded the song for Freewheelin' in April 1962, and likely incorporated it into his club sets shortly afterwards.


TALKING NEW YORK probably summer 1961
The legend runs that Dylan put together the original version of this song while hitchhiking in New Jersey in May 1961. A later, still unfinished, version turns up in manuscripts written during his stay at the McKenzie home in the late spring and early summer. Shelton listed the song in his New York Times review of Dylan's September Gerdes appearance; a slightly earlier live debut is likely.


TALKIN' WORLD WAR III BLUES April 25, 1963 The Bear (Chicago)
Dylan apparently demoed the song in March and recorded it for Freewheelin' in late April. The first known performance is found on the Bear Club tape; while the song could certainly have turned up in a slightly earlier club set, it was not part of his April 12 concert playlist, which included many of Dylan's newer songs.


TANGLED UP IN BLUE November 13, 1975 (afternoon) Veterans Memorial Coliseum (New Haven)


TEARS OF RAGE June 26, 1989 National Stadium (Patras)


TEEN LOVE SERENADE probably 1959
This song appears on the Ric Kangas Tape, and is said to be among the earliest recordings of Dylan compositions.


TELL ME No live performance


TELL ME MOMMA February 5, 1966 Westchester County Center (White Plains)


TELL ME THAT IT ISN'T TRUE March 10, 2000 (early) Sun Theater (Anaheim)


TELL OL' BILL No live performance


TEMPORARY LIKE ACHILLES No known live performance


10,000 MEN November 12, 2000 Keaney Gymnasium (Kingston)
Only live performance of this song.


THIEF ON THE CROSS November 10, 1981 Saenger Theater (New Orleans)
Only live performance of this song.


THINGS HAVE CHANGED March 10, 2000 (early) Sun Theater (Anaheim)


THIS WHEEL'S ON FIRE April 13, 1996 Simon Forum Athletic Center (Madison, NJ)


THREE ANGELS No live performance


THUNDER ON THE MOUNTAIN October 13, 1996 Key Arena (Seattle, WA)


TIGHT CONNECTION TO MY HEART January 12, 1990 Toad's Place (New Haven)
Dylan's live performances of this song incorporate some elements of the song's original form, "Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart.".


TILL I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU October 24, 1997 Humphrey Memorial Coliseum (Starkville)


TIME PASSES SLOWLY No live performance


TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN' October 26, 1963 Carnegie Hall (New York City)
While the song is first reported at the Carnegie Hall concert, it is also likely that Dylan aired the song at his mostly undocumented October 25 concert in Philadelphia, more or less a dress rehearsal for the New York City showcase concert.


TINY MONTGOMERY No live performance


TO BE ALONE WITH YOU October 15, 1989 Tower Theater (Upper Darby)


TO RAMONA July 1964 unidentified (Ann Arbor)
Although Heylin now lists the debut as Newport 1964, he also reports a performance of the song (and other recent compositions) earlier in the month at an imperfectly documented Michigan concert.


TOMBSTONE BLUES July 24, 1965 Newport Folk Festival (workshop)
Outtake footage from Festival, including part of a solo acoustic performance of this song, was broadcast on German television, in late 2004. The first concert performance is Forest Hills, August 28, 1965.


TOMORROW IS A LONG TIME April 12, 1963 Town Hall (New York City)
Heard in embryonic form as far back as the summer of 1962, with a radio performance early in 1963. Only one live performance in the decade of the 1960's is known, however, and Dylan apparently did not cut the song in a Columbia studio until 1970.


TONIGHT I'LL BE STAYING HERE WITH YOU November 22, 1975 Brandeis University (Waltham)


TOO MUCH OF NOTHING No live performance


TOUGH MAMA January 3, 1974 Stadium (Chicago)


TRAIN A-TRAVELIN' No known live performance


TROUBLE July 21, 1989 Garden State Theater (Holmdel)


TROUBLE IN MIND No live performance


TROUBLED AND I DON'T KNOW WHY August 5, 1963 Gerdes Folk City (NYC)
According to Joan Baez, this initial (duet) performance was essentially improvised on the spot.


TRUE LOVE TENDS TO FORGET June 27, 1978 Westphalia Hall (Dortmund)


TRUST YOURSELF September 22, 1985 Farm Aid I (Champaign)


TWEEDLE DEE AND TWEEDLE DUM October 5, 2001 Arena (Spokane)


TWEETER AND THE MONKEY MAN No live performance


TV TALKIN' SONG October 11, 1990 C.W. Post College (Greenvale)


2 X 2 July 5, 1992 Festa Communale Unita (Correggio)