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Two informal performances are known: the Denver Hotel Tape recording, made by Robert Shelton in the early hours of March 13, 1966; and another hotel room performance, after the April 19, 1966 Melbourne concert, for Australian poet Adrian Rawlins.


SALLY GAL probably summer 1961
Heylin inexplicably lists the debut as September 22, 1962 (Carnegie Hall), but this is more likely the song's farewell appearance; performances throughout the previous year seem to be well-documented. A recording of the song from one of Dylan's September 29, 1961 Gerdes sets reportedly survives, but does not circulate, while a recording from an October 1961 Oscar Brand radio broadcast circulates commonly. Some reported performances of the song might actually be Woody Guthrie's "Sally Girl," complicating efforts to trace the Dylan composition's history.


SANTA FE No live performance


SARA October 30, 1975 War Memorial Auditorium (Plymouth)


SAVED November 1, 1979 Warfield (San Francisco)


SAVING GRACE November 1, 1979 Warfield (San Francisco)


SEEING THE REAL YOU AT LAST February 5, 1986 Athletic Park (Wellington)


SEŅOR June 1, 1978 Universal Amphitheater (Los Angeles)


SERIES OF DREAMS September 8, 1993 Wolf Trap (Vienna, VA)


SEVEN CURSES October 26, 1963 Carnegie Hall (New York City)
While the song is first reported at the Carnegie Hall concert, it is also likely that Dylan aired the song at his mostly undocumented October 25 concert in Philadelphia, more or less a dress rehearsal for the New York City showcase concert. Some sources also report a performance of this song at the April 12, 1963 Town Hall concert, but those reports apparently trace back to a composite Columbia concert recording incorrectly identified in the label's files as coming only from Town Hall. No other live performances of the song are known.


SEVEN DAYS April 18, 1976 Civic Center (Lakeland)
Heylin lists the previous day's dress rehearsal as the live debut, since it was reportedly staged before an audience of about 150 employees of the Bellevue Biltmore Hotel in Clearwater.


SEVEN DEADLY SINS No live performance


SHE BELONGS TO ME March 27, 1965 Civic Auditorium (Santa Monica)
Apparently unveiled for Dylan's first live audience after the finish of the spring 1965 Dylan/Baez tour, although a performance at one of Dylan's earlier solo 1965 appearances is not out of the question. Given the song's clear references to Baez, a performance at one of the double bills seems unlikely.


SHELTER FROM THE STORM April 18, 1976 Civic Center (Lakeland)
Heylin lists the previous day's dress rehearsal as the live debut, since it was reportedly staged before an audience of about 150 employees of the Bellevue Biltmore Hotel in Clearwater.


SHE'S MY BABY No live performance


SHE'S YOUR LOVER NOW No known live performance


SHOOTING STAR June 9, 1990 Alpine Valley Music Theater (East Troy, WI)


SHOT OF LOVE July 1, 1981 Earls Court (London)


SIGN LANGUAGE No live performance


SIGN ON THE CROSS No live performance


SIGN ON THE WINDOW No live performance


SILVIO June 21, 1988 Blossom Music Center (Cuyahoga Falls)


SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE September 10, 1975 John Hammond tribute (Chicago TV)




SLOW TRAIN November 1, 1979 Warfield (San Francisco)


SOLID ROCK November 1, 1979 Warfield (San Francisco)


SOMEDAY BABY No live performance


SOMEONE'S GOT A HOLD OF MY HEART No live performance
However, Dylan's live performances of the later incarnation of this song, "Tight Connection To My Heart," incorporate some elements of the song's original form.


SOMETHING THERE IS ABOUT YOU January 3, 1974 Stadium (Chicago)


SOMETHING'S BURNING, BABY No live performance


SONG TO WOODY probably winter 1961 Gaslight (New York City)
Heylin inexplicably finds the debut on the September 6, 1961 Gaslight Tape, despite reporting that Dylan played the song every night of his April 1961 Gerdes booking. Noel (Paul) Stookey remembers the debut as part of a three-song set at the Gaslight, but impossibly reports it as late in the spring. Dylan wrote the song in mid-February, and first aired it for Guthrie himself at the Gleason home in East Orange about a week later. It apparently entered his club set shortly afterwards, before his first Gerdes booking.


SPANISH HARLEM INCIDENT October 31, 1964 Philharmonic Hall (NYC)
Only known live performance of this song.


SPIRIT IN THE WATER October 22, 2006 Cox Arena (San Diego)


STANDING IN THE DOORWAY June 15, 2000 Roseland Theater (Portland, OR)


STANDING ON THE HIGHWAY probably fall 1961
Weberman reports a performance at the November 4, 1961 Carnegie Chapter Hall concert; David Hajdu reports a slightly later premiere, after the recording of Bob Dylan. Dylan also played the song on Cynthia Gooding's "Folksinger's Choice" radio program early in 1962, after cutting a demo of it for Leeds.


STEEL BARS No live performance


STEPCHILD September 15, 1978 Civic Center (Augusta, ME)


STUCK INSIDE OF MOBILE April 28, 1976 University of West Florida (Pensacola)


SUBTERRANNEAN HOMESICK BLUES June 7, 1988 Pavilion (Concord, CA)


SUGAR BABY October 5, 2001 Arena (Spokane)


SUMMER DAYS October 5, 2001 Arena (Spokane)


SWEETHEART LIKE YOU No live performance