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OBVIOUSLY FIVE BELIEVERS May 15, 1995 McCallum Theater (Palm Springs)


OH SISTER September 10, 1975 John Hammond tribute (Chicago TV)


ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS No live performance


ON THE ROAD AGAIN No live performance


ONE MORE CUP OF COFFEE October 30, 1975 War Memorial Auditorium (Plymouth)


ONE MORE NIGHT September 29, 1995 Sunrise Music Theater (Sunrise)
Ronnie Hawkins performed this song, backed by Dylan on guitar, in a walk-on appearance at Dylan's June 6, 1990 Toronto concert. For the otherwise unique 1995 performance, Alison Krauss backed Dylan on fiddle.


ONE MORE WEEKEND No live performance


ONE OF US MUST KNOW May 10, 1976 Memorial Coliseum (Corpus Christi)
Heylin reports a performance of the song at this apparently unrecorded concert; an earlier performance, at one of three undocumented 1976 RTR dates, remains possible. A. J. Weberman's reported claim that the song was debuted at Dylan's February 5, 1966 White Plains concert is refuted by a concertgoer's report.


ONE TOO MANY MORNINGS October 26, 1963 Carnegie Hall (New York City)
While the song is first reported at the Carnegie Hall concert, it is also likely that Dylan aired the song at his mostly undocumented October 25 concert in Philadelphia, more or less a dress rehearsal for the New York City showcase concert.


ONLY A HOBO No live performance
However, Dylan's rendition of the song on an early 1963 radio program suggests it might have been at least tried out in his live sets.


ONLY A PAWN IN THEIR GAME July 6, 1963 Greenwood, MS voter registration rally


OPEN THE DOOR HOMER No live performance


OUTLAW BLUES No live performance


OXFORD TOWN perhaps February 10, 1966, Memphis, TN
The only well-documented (and recorded) live performance of the song somes from the October 25, 1990 concert in Oxford. However, one apparently reliable contributor to the newsgroup some years ago provided accounts of the claimed 1966 performance from several concertgoers, including musician Jim Dickinson. Given the unverifiable nature of the online discussion, and the absence of the song from an account of the concert by music critic (but then high school student) Robert Palmer, the question must be left open. Another account of a slightly later 1966 performance (in Seattle) was posted late in 2004. Robert Shelton also reported a performance of the song at Dylan's 1963 Carnegie Hall showcase, but the song is not listed for Columbia's archived recording of that concert.