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MAGGIE'S FARM July 25, 1965 Newport Folk Festival


MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE November 2, 1997 Township Auditorium (Columbia, SC)


MAMA YOU BEEN ON MY MIND August 8, 1964 Forest Hills (New York City)


MAN GAVE NAMES TO ALL THE ANIMALS November 1, 1979 Warfield (San Francisco)


THE MAN IN ME February 20, 1978 Budokan (Tokyo, Japan)


MAN IN THE LONG BLACK COAT October 13, 1989 Beacon Theater (NYC)


MAN OF PEACE May 28, 1984 Arena (Verona)


MAN ON THE STREET probably summer 1961
The only known live performance of this song is found on the September 6, 1961 (First) Gaslight Tape. The song was likely already established in Dylan's repertoire, since the 6-song recording was made as an audition tape for Terri Thal [Van Ronk] to play for club owners and booking agents in New England.


MARGARITA No live performance


MASTERS OF WAR probably December 1962 / January 1963, in England
According to Anthea Joseph, Dylan played this song at the Singers Club in London, on December 22, 1962. That date is not out of the question, but Joseph's description of the song -- particularly her reference to a "terrifying chorus" -- suggests that the song involved was "Hard Rain." Martin Carthy, according to Heylin, also remembers Dylan playing the song at a London club. The song appears to become a fixture in Dylan's repertoire on his return from England; Heylin suggests he unveils it to American audiences at a Gerdes hoot night, January 21, 1963 [although this may be a confused reference to the after-hours recording at Gerdes known as the "Banjo Tape"]. The first known concert recording is nearly three months later, at Town Hall (April 12).


MAYBE SOMEDAY No live performance


MEET ME IN THE MORNING No live performance


MEMPHIS BLUES AGAIN April 28, 1976 University of West Florida (Pensacola)


MIGHTY QUINN August 31, 1969 Isle of Wight Festival


MILLION DOLLAR BASH November 21, 2005 Brixton Academy (London)


MILLION MILES January 14, 1998 Garde Arts Center (New London)


MINSTREL BOY August 31, 1969 Isle of Wight Festival
Only live performance of this song.


MISSISSIPPI October 9, 2001 Jackson County Fairgrounds (Central Point)


MR. TAMBOURINE MAN May 17, 1964 Festival Hall (London)
A recording of this debut performance apparently surfaced on an acetate during the summer of 2004.


MIXED UP CONFUSION No known live performance


MONEY BLUES No live performance


MOONLIGHT October 6, 2001 Key Arena (Seattle)


MOST LIKELY YOU GO YOUR WAY January 3, 1974 Stadium (Chicago)


MOST OF THE TIME October 10, 1989 Beacon Theater (NYC)


MOTORPSYCHO NITEMARE No known live performance


MOZAMBIQUE April 18, 1976 Civic Center (Lakeland)
Heylin lists the previous day's dress rehearsal as the live debut, since it was reportedly staged before an audience of about 150 employees of the Bellevue Biltmore Hotel in Clearwater.


MY BACK PAGES June 11, 1988 Shoreline Amphitheater (Mountain View)