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LAST NIGHT No live performance


LAY DOWN YOUR WEARY TUNE October 12, 1963 Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles)
The first (and only) recorded live performance of the song comes from the October 26, 1963 Carnegie Hall concert.


LAY, LADY, LAY October 31, 1969 Isle of Wight Festival


LEGIONNAIRE'S DISEASE No live performance


LENNY BRUCE June 10, 1981 Poplar Creek Theater (Chicago)


LEOPARD-SKIN PILL-BOX HAT February 5, 1966 Westchester County Center (White Plains, NY)


LET ME DIE IN MY FOOTSTEPS probably late winter 1962
Dylan was playing this song for Village acquaintances by late February 1962; he recorded it for Columbia in April, and the earliest surviving live recording comes from the July Finjan Club tape. On the Witmark demo recording, he can be heard complaining about how often he played the song. It probably entered his performing repertoire shortly after being finished in February.


LET'S KEEP IT BETWEEN US November 9, 1980 Fox Warfield (San Francisco)


LICENSE TO KILL March 22, 1984 David Letterman TV (NYC)


LIKE A ROLLING STONE July 25, 1965 Newport Folk Festival


LILY, ROSEMARY AND THE JACK OF HEARTS May 25, 1976 Salt Palace (Salt Lake City)
Although still sometimes disputed, concertgoers' and reviewers' accounts of this song's one and only live performance, a duet with Joan Baez, were confirmed by Joel Bernstein in an interview with John Bauldie several years later. Oddly, Baez has reportedly denied the performance in recent years. No recording circulates, of course.


LIVING THE BLUES May 1, 1969 Johnny Cash TV (Nashville)
Dylan played this song three times during the TV taping session; the circulating recording, from the TV broadcast, is presumably the final take.


LO AND BEHOLD No live performance


LONDON WALTZ January 14, 1963 Troubadour (London)
While the recorded version of this song is usually credited to Richard Fariņa, the song began as an improvisation by Dylan and Fariņa at a January 12 party. Two nights later, after Fariņa and Eric von Schmidt had recorded their own version of the lyrics, Dylan, Fariņa, von Schmidt, and Ethan Signer commandeered the stage at the Troubadour and performed a rowdy set, finishing with an ensemble version of this swipe at their British audience.


LONESOME DAY BLUES October 24, 2001 La Crosse Center Arena (La Crosse)


LONESOME DEATH OF HATTIE CARROLL October 26, 1963 Carnegie Hall (New York City)
The earliest known live recording of this song comes from the Carnegie Hall concert. Daniel Kramer writes of watching Dylan perform the song on television during the summer of 1963, but he probably confuses the early 1964 Steve Allen appearance with a 1963 appearance. It is possible that Dylan tried out the song during one of his west coast appearances at Joan Baez concerts earlier in the month, and likely that he aired the song at his October 25 concert in Philadelphia, more or less a dress rehearsal for his New York City showcase concert.


LONG AGO, FAR AWAY No known live performance


LONG DISTANCE OPERATOR November 26, 1965 Arie Crown Theater (Chicago)
Reportedly documented by a newspaper review of the concert. Heylin has peculiarly written this concert out of his Dylan chronologies, even though he apparently quoted from reviews in earlier works, and other writers have cited an interview Dylan gave to the Chicago Daily News, published as "Bob Dylan Talking" on November 27. To complicate the issue, the song is not listed on the reported tracklist for a mostly-uncirculating audience recording of the concert (although some now attribute that tape to an October Boston date). The only known recording of the song comes from the December 4, 1965 Berkeley concert; there are reports of other live performances in December 1965.


LONG TIME GONE No known live performance


LORD, PROTECT MY CHILD No live performance


LOVE IS JUST A FOUR LETTER WORD No known live performance


LOVE MINUS ZERO February 12, 1965 Armory (Troy, NY)
Reported for the only known Dylan concert between the recording of Bringing It All Back Home and the beginning of the 1965 Dylan/Baez tour. Other dates during that interval would not be surprising. Dylan also made an unannounced club appearance in Greenwich Village in early January, running through his newest songs in anticipation of the BIABH sessions; he might well have debuted the song that night.


LOVE RESCUE ME No live performance


LOVE SICK October 1, 1997 International Centre (Bournemouth)