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HAD A DREAM ABOUT YOU BABY June 9, 1988 Cal Expo (Sacramento)


HANDLE WITH CARE No live performance


HANDY DANDY No live performance


HARD RAIN'S A-GONNA FALL October 1962 Gaslight Cafe (New York City)


HARD TIMES IN NEW YORK TOWN probably fall 1961
No live performance of this song is reported, but it appears quite regularly on other recordings, from informal tapes to radio broadcasts, in the fall and winter of 1961-62. It is hard to believe that it did not have at least a short stay in Dylan's live sets; Hajdu reports Dylan added it to his club repertoire after recording it for his first album in November.


HAZEL November 25, 1976 Last Waltz (San Francisco)


HE WAS A FRIEND OF MINE probably summer 1961
Reported as part of Dylan's setlist at a late September 1961 Gerdes performance, and said to be preserved on an uncirculating segment of a tape made by Cynthia Gooding.


HEADING FOR THE LIGHT No live performance


HEART OF MINE July 1, 1981 Earls Court (London)


HEARTLAND January 13, 1993 Country Music Celebration (Nashville)
First live performance of this song, like the studio recording a duet with Willie Nelson. Dylan has never performed a solo version of this song, but again duetted with Nelson on it during their summer 2004 tour.


HERO BLUES April 12, 1963 Town Hall (New York City)


HIGH WATER October 19, 2001 Staples Center (Los Angeles)


HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED August 31, 1969 Isle of Wight Festival
Although no live performances of this song were reported in 1965, Dylan definitely rehearsed the song with the Hawks and included it on at least one setlist as a possible encore. An undocumented 1965 live performance cannot be ruled out.


HONEST WITH ME October 5, 2001 Arena (Spokane)


HONEY, JUST ALLOW ME ONE MORE CHANCE April 16, 1962 Gerdes Folk City (NYC)


HURRICANE September 10, 1975 John Hammond Tribute (Chicago TV)
Dylan played the song twice during the TV recording session. The second version, with punched-in vocals replacing the disputed lyrics that led to the rerecording of the Desire track, circulates commonly; the first version does not circulate.