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GATES OF EDEN probably October 1964
The first known recording of the song is from the October 31, 1964 (Philharmonic Hall) concert. An earlier performance is on reported setlist for the October 24 (Symphony Hall, Boston) concert, and Heylin reports a performance in Kenyon, MI even earlier in the month. At the October 10 Philadelphia concert, "Chimes Of Freedom" holds the equivalent slot on the playlist.


GEORGE JACKSON No live performance


GET YOUR ROCKS OFF No live performance


GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY probably winter 1963
Dylan apparently wrote this song during or shortly after his winter 1962-63 stay in England. His first known recording of the song comes for a March 1963 Oscar Brand radio show. In April, he records the song for Freewheelin', and in May he cuts a demo for Witmark. During the summer, he plays the song for one of Tony Glover's last informal Dylan recordings. The first reported concert performance, however, does not come until December, at Lisner Auditorium in Washington, D.C. Heylin inexplicably lists the earliest surviving live recording, from the October 1964 Philadelphia concert, as the first live performance. There is little reason to believe that this song, like the other three added to Freewheelin' shortly before its release, was not a staple of Dylan's spring 1963 live sets, and the radio performance suggests it made an even earlier entrance into Dylan's repertoire.


GO 'WAY LITTLE BOY No live performance


GOD KNOWS January 28, 1991 Hallenstadion (Zurich)


GOIN' TO ACAPULCO No live performance


GOING, GOING, GONE April 18, 1976 Civic Center (Lakeland)


GOLDEN LOOM No live performance


GONNA CHANGE MY WAY OF THINKING November 1, 1979 Warfield (San Francisco)


GOSPEL PLOW probably summer 1961
Heylin reports that this semi-original song was a fixture in Dylan's playlists at the time of his September 1961 Gerdes "residency."


GOT MY MIND MADE UP June 9, 1986 Sports Arena (San Diego)
Only live performance of this song.


GOTTA SERVE SOMEBODY October 20, 1979 Saturday Night Live TV (NYC)
Although the television broadcast is usually listed as the first live performance of the song, SNL's standard practice was to run and record a dress rehearsal of the entire planned show, including the musical guest's performances, several hours before the actual live broadcast.


GROOM'S STILL WAITING AT THE ALTAR November 13, 1980 Fox Warfield (San Francisco)


GUESS I'M DOING FINE No reported live performance


GYPSY LOU No reported live performance