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FAREWELL probably spring 1963
Also known as "Fare Thee Well," this song was written during (or shortly after) Dylan's winter 1962-63 stay in England. An informal performance appears on the February 8, 1963 "Banjo Tape"; in April, Dylan performed it on Studs Terkel's radio program, in a set apparently drawn from his performing repertoire. Dylan and Joan Baez played a duet of the song at her August 17, 1963 Forest Hills concert, but it (together with Dylan's short solo set) is missing from the circulating tape. Some accounts indicate that the song was a standard Dylan/Baez duet for some time, but no live recordings, either solo or duet, are known.


FAREWELL, ANGELINA No reported live performance


FATHER OF NIGHT No live performance


FLOATER October 23, 2001 Orpheum (Sioux City, IA)


FOOT OF PRIDE No live performance


FOREVER YOUNG January 3, 1974 Chicago Stadium (Chicago)


4TH TIME AROUND February 26, 1966 Island Gardens (Hempstead)
The first known/recorded version comes from the Island Garden concert, but the song was likely debuted at one of the preceding week's mostly undocumented concerts, following the February 14 studio recording.


FROM A BUICK 6 August 28, 1965 Forest Hills (NYC)


FUR SLIPPERS No live performance