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EMOTIONALLY YOURS February 11, 1986 Entertainment Centre (Sydney)


END OF THE LINE No live performance


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH June 21, 1984 Palaeur (Rome, Italy)


ETERNAL CIRCLE probably summer 1963
Perhaps the most problematic of all the Dylan originals in identifying the live debut. The first documented live performance appears to be February 22, 1964 (Berkeley); however, Heylin now lists the first known performance as October 26, 1963 (Carnegie Hall), even though the song does not appear on the setlist he published in Day By Day. The song apparently was first preserved on one of Tony Glover's last informal Dylan recordings, from the summer of 1963, together with other recently written songs included in his performing repertoire of the time.


EVERY GRAIN OF SAND November 20, 1981 Civic Center Theater (Lakeland)


EVERYTHING IS BROKEN October 10, 1989 Beacon Theater (NYC)