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DARK EYES February 25, 1986 Entertainment Centre (Sydney)


DAY OF THE LOCUSTS No live performance


DEAD MAN, DEAD MAN June 10, 1981 Poplar Creek Music Theater (Chicago)


DEAR LANDLORD October 25, 1992 Civic Center (Providence)


DEATH IS NOT THE END No live performance


DEATH OF EMMETT TILL February 23, 1962 CCNY (New York City)
By all accounts, Dylan wrote this song for a CORE benefit; although no account of the concert is known, it is fair to infer that he actually debuted the song at that event. At least one earlier, informal rendition of the song is known (at the Folklore Center), and the song also appears on the "Folksinger's Choice" radio tape. The first confirmed live performance is found on the July 2, 1962 Finjan Club (Montreal) recording.


DESOLATION ROW August 28, 1965 Forest Hills (New York City)


DEVIL'S BEEN BUSY No live performance


DIGNITY November 17, 1994 MTV Unplugged (NYC)
The officially released version comes from the November 18 performance.


DIRGE No live performance


DIRT ROAD BLUES No confirmed live performance
This song was performed by "Jack Fate" for Masked And Anonymous, but was not included in the final cut. Whether the song was actually performed live for the filming, or was simply recorded on a soundstage, has not been settled.


DIRTY WORLD No live performance


DISEASE OF CONCEIT October 27, 1989 Houston Fieldhouse (Troy)


DO RIGHT TO ME BABY December 16, 1978 Hollywood Sportatorium (Miami, FL)


DON'T FALL APART ON ME TONIGHT No live performance


DON'T THINK TWICE October 1962 Gaslight Cafe (New York City)
While the debut performance of this song most likely came during this booking at the Gaslight, it can't be said with certainty that the recording on the 1962 Gaslight Tape is actually the debut.


DON'T YA TELL HENRY January 1, 1972 Academy of Music (NYC)
Only live performance of this song. Judging by the recording released on the expanded Rock Of Ages, Levon Helm took the lead vocals on the song.


DOWN ALONG THE COVE June 14, 1999 EMU Ballroom (Eugene)


DOWN THE HIGHWAY No confirmed live performance
Heylin lists a performance of this song from the May 17, 1964 Festival Hall concert in London, but the song does not appear on the tracklist for the Pye/Columbia concert recording published by Krogsgaard.


DRIFTER'S ESCAPE April 30, 1992 Hult Auditorium (Eugene)


DRIFTIN' TOO FAR FROM SHORE June 7, 1988 Pavilion (Concord, CA)


DUSTY OLD FAIRGROUNDS April 12, 1963 Town Hall (New York City)
Only known live performance of this song.