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CALL LETTER BLUES No live performance


CAN YOU PLEASE CRAWL OUT YOUR WINDOW No confirmed live performance
Reports of an uncirculating recording of the October 1, 1965 (Carnegie Hall) concert, including a performance of this song, cannot simply be dismissed, but there seem to be no contemporaneous reports of the song's being performed.


CAN'T WAIT October 24, 1997 Humphrey Coliseum (Starkville, MS)


CARIBBEAN WIND November 12, 1980 Fox Warfield (San Francisco)
Only live performance of this song.


CATFISH No known live performance


CAT'S IN THE WELL March 18, 1992 Entertainment Centre (Perth)


CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS No live performance


CHANGING OF THE GUARDS July 5, 1978 Pavilion (Paris)


CHIMES OF FREEDOM February 15, 1964 Civic Auditorium (Denver)
No recording from the concert survives.


CITY OF GOLD November 10, 1980 Fox Warfield (San Francisco)


CLEAN CUT KID September 22, 1985 Farm Aid I (Champaign, IL)


CLOTHES LINE SAGA No live performance


COLD IRONS BOUND October 24, 1997 Humphrey Coliseum (Starkville, MS)


COMING FROM THE HEART October 31, 1978 Civic Center (St. Paul)
Only live performance of this song.


CONGRATULATIONS June 6, 1989 Exhibition Centre (Glasgow)


COOL, DRY PLACE No live performance


COUNTRY PIE March 10, 2000 (late) Sun Theater (Anaheim)


COVENANT WOMAN November 1, 1979 Warfield (San Francisco)


COVER DOWN, BREAK THROUGH April 17, 1980 Massey Hall (Toronto)


CRASH ON THE LEVEE January 1, 1972 Academy Of Music (NYC)


'CROSS THE GREEN MOUNTAIN No live performance


CRY A WHILE October 10, 2001 Memorial Auditorium (Sacramento)


CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS No reported live performance