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BABY, I'M IN THE MOOD FOR YOU No reported live performance


BABY LET ME FOLLOW YOU DOWN probably summer 1961
Although no specific dates are reported for early performances of this song, there seems to be little doubt that this song was part of Dylan's club/coffeehouse repertoire before he recorded his first LP. A live performance (with the Hawks) is definitely reported for October 2, 1965 [Newark].


BABY, STOP CRYING June 1, 1978 Universal Amphitheater (Los Angeles)


BALLAD FOR A FRIEND No reported live performance


BALLAD IN PLAIN D July 1964 unknown venue (Ann Arbor)


BALLAD OF A THIN MAN August 28, 1965 Forest Hills (New York City)


BALLAD OF DONALD WHITE probably March 1962
While several informal performances of this song are known, there are no reports of the song from any of Dylan's live dates. But the song was familar enough to be mentioned in more than one 1962 interview, and was apparently part of his performing repertoire.


BALLAD OF FRANKIE LEE AND JUDAS PRIEST July 10, 1987 JFK Stadium (Philadelphia)


BALLAD OF HOLLIS BROWN September 22, 1962 Carnegie Hall (New York City)


BAND OF THE HAND June 6, 1986 Forum (Los Angeles)


BILLY No live performance
However, a recording of an informal after-dinner performance at Sam Peckinpah's Durango home in November 1972 circulates.


BLACK CROW BLUES No reported live performance


BLACK DIAMOND BAY No reliably reported live performance
A spurious report of a live performance at the final Rolling Thunder show in Salt Lake City (May 25, 1976) has some currency, but that report apparently comes from a newspaper reviewer's failure to recognize "Romance In Durango" (or even "Vincent Van Gogh").


BLESSED IS THE NAME November 1, 1979 Warfield (San Francisco)


BLIND WILLIE McTELL August 5, 1997 DuMaurier Stadium (Montreal)


BLOWIN' IN THE WIND April 16, 1962 Gerdes Folk City (New York)
The debut live performance (as well as several informal performances over the preceding week) included only the first and last verses; what is now the second verse was not written until later in the month.


BOB DYLAN'S BLUES No reported live performance
However, Dylan performed the song on a New York City radio show in February 1963; Shelton also reports an attempt at the song on an informal summer 1962 recording. Evidence of previously undocumented live performances would hardly be surprising.


BOB DYLAN'S DREAM April 12, 1963 Town Hall (New York City)
While Heylin identifies this as a live debut, at least one earlier, informal, performance is known; it is quite possible that Dylan played the song at one of his undocumented club appearances earlier in the year.


BOB DYLAN'S NEW ORLEANS RAG April 12, 1963 Town Hall (New York City)


BOB DYLAN'S 115TH DREAM October 13, 1988 Tower Theater (Upper Darby)


BOOTS OF SPANISH LEATHER probably early 1963
Dundas lists this song for the April 12, 1963 Town Hall concert, based on a Columbia tape listing that some (myself included) believe is a composite from at least two 1963 concert recordings; that listing is also impossible to square with Shelton's review of the concert. Heylin lists the October 26, 1963 Carnegie Hall concert as the first known live performance (discounting the version played on Studs Terkel's radio show earlier in the year). Spitz puts the song in Dylan's repertoire in late 1962, which is certainly too soon, but comments by Dave Van Ronk and others indicate Dylan was playing the song by the spring of 1963. The most convincing evidence to me for a spring date is the April 26 Terkel recording, where all the other songs were standard elements of Dylan's playlists, and the reported Columbia recording of the Town Hall soundcheck, which also includes "Boots."


BORN IN TIME February 25, 1993 Maysfield Centre (Belfast)


BROWNSVILLE GIRL August 6, 1986 Mid-State Fairground (Paso Robles)
This "performance" is little more than an extended, repetitive runthrough of the chorus.


BUCKETS OF RAIN November 18, 1990 Fox Theater (Detroit)
Only live performance of this song.


BYE AND BYE October 17, 2002 Wiltern Theater (Los Angeles)