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YOU BELONG TO ME No live performance


YOU DON'T KNOW ME May 27, 1989 Christinehof Slott (Andarum)


YOU WANNA RAMBLE No live performance


YOU WIN AGAIN July 9, 1986 Marriott hotel lounge (near Mansfield)
An informal (but apparently public) late-night performance, reportedly backed by Etta James and her band (or a house band). Dylan has only performed this song in concert three times: once, with the Dead, August 6, 2003 (Columbus); once with Willie Nelson, at a spring 2004 television taping with a live audience; and, with his own band, on June 11, 2004, at the Bonarroo festival.


YOU'RE GONNA MISS ME WHEN I'M GONE October 1962 Gaslight Cafe (NYC)
Dylan performed this Carter family song at least once during his Gaslight residency, reportedly with some reference to the Cuban Missile Crisis. No recording is known.


YOU'RE GONNA QUIT ME August 22, 1993 Pacific Coliseum (Vancouver)


YOU'RE NO GOOD perhaps summer 1961
While no live performances of this song have been reported or recorded, it turns up on at least one informal tape among songs known to be in Dylan's performing repertoire.


YOU'RE TOO LATE January 29, 1999 Ocean Center (Daytona Beach)


YOUNG BUT DAILY GROWING perhaps summer 1961
First recorded at Dylan's November 4, 1961 Carnegie Chapter Hall concert, but likely played at earlier club dates.


YOUR CHEATIN' HEART February 16, 1983 Lone Star Cafe (NYC)
Song performed by Levon Helm and Rick Danko, with Dylan joining on guitar and backing vocals during a walkon appearance.