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SALLY SUE BROWN April 6, 1992 State Theatre (Sydney)


SAMSON AND DELILAH June 11, 2004 Bonarroo (Manchester, TN)


SAM STONE September 1971 Bitter End (New York City)
Song performed by John Prine, with Dylan on harp and backing vocals. Heylin dates this appearance to 1972, Shelton to 1973, but Prine's own account places the appearance in 1971.


SAN FRANCISCO BAY BLUES perhaps spring 1960
Reported as a regular feature of Dylan's St. Paul club sets. It reportedly appears on the complete fall 1960 Minneapolis tape, and circulates on other informal recordings from early 1961; the earliest surviving live recording comes from a September 1961 Gerdes performance (in a duet with Jim Kweskin).


SATISFIED MIND November 9, 1999 Apollo Of Temple (Philadelphia)


SEARCHING FOR A SOLDIER'S GRAVE June 15, 2000 Roseland Theater (Portland, OR)


SEE THAT MY GRAVE IS KEPT CLEAN probably summer 1961
The first documented (but unrecorded) performance of this song comes from Dylan's opening set at Gerdes, September 26, 1961; Dylan presumably honed his version of the song in previous appearances. The only recorded live performance is found on the October 1962 Gaslight Tape.


SHAKE A HAND June 6, 1986 Forum (Inglewood)


SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL October 17, 1991 Guitar Legends (Seville)
Song performed by Keith Richards, with Dylan joining Richards' band on guitar.


SHAKE SUGAREE June 17, 1996 Tempodrom (Berlin)


SHARE YOUR LOVE WITH ME January 3, 1974 Stadium (Chicago)
Song performed by The Band, with Dylan joining on harp.


SHENANDOAH November 4, 1990 Fox Theater (St. Louis)
Song performed only as an instrumental opener.


SHE'S ABOUT A MOVER June 15, 2000 Roseland Theater (Portland)
Doug Sahm performed this song, backed by Dylan and his band, on August 24, 1988 (Edmonton).


SHE'S LOVE CRAZY June 26, 1978 Westphalia Hall (Dortmund)


SILVER DAGGER October 31, 1964 Philharmonic Hall (NYC)
Song performed by Joan Baez, backed by Dylan on harp. There appear to be no reports of earlier duet performances of this song, a longtime staple in Baez's sets, and Hajdu implies the performance was a debut.


SILVER MANTIS probably April 18, 1976 Civic Center Arena (Lakeland)
Song performed by T-Bone Burnett, perhaps backed by Dylan on guitar. I'm unaware of any direct evidence that Dylan played on the song, but it appears on so many tapes which otherwise exclude the non-Dylan performances that some Dylan contribution seems likely.


SING ME BACK HOME June 11, 2004 Bonarroo (Manchester, TN)


SINNER MAN probably winter 1959-60
Remembered by Ten O'Clock Scholar manager Dave Lee as part of "Bob Dillon's" first set at the Minneapolis club.


SITTIN' ON THE DOCK OF THE BAY August 18, 1990 Champs de Brionne Theater (George)
Also reported at an informal (and unrecorded) after-hours performance at a Modena hotel, September 12 (or perhaps the early morning of the 13th), 1987.


SITTIN' ON TOP OF THE WORLD No known live performance


SLIPPIN' AND SLIDIN' July 14, 1969 Mississippi River Festival (Edwardsville)
Song performed by The Band, with Dylan joining on vocals and guitar. Sometimes listed as a Dylan performance, but the song was a standard Band encore at the time.


SO LONG GOOD LUCK AND GOODBYE June 9, 1986 Sports Arena (San Diego)


SOLD AMERICAN September 15, 1991 Chabad telethon (Los Angeles)
Song performed by Kinky Friedman, backed by Dylan on guitar.


SOME SUNDAY MORNING May 1946 probably Duluth
One of two songs reportedly sung by the five-year-old Robert Zimmerman at a Mother's Day party.


SOMEBODY TOUCHED ME July 10, 1999 Riverport Amphitheater (Maryland Heights)


SOMETHING November 13, 2002 Madison Square Garden (NYC)


SOON March 11, 1987 Gershwin Gala (Brooklyn)


THE SOUND OF SILENCE June 5, 1999 Fillmore Auditorium (Denver)
Performed as a duet with Paul Simon.


SPANISH IS THE LOVING TONGUE May 9, 1974 Friends Of Chile benefit (NYC)


SPORTING LIFE BLUES probably summer 1961
Reported as performed in at least one set during Dylan's fall 1961 Gerdes booking.


ST. JAMES INFIRMARY probably winter 1959-60
Remembered by Ten O'Clock Scholar manager Dave Lee as part of "Bob Dillon's" first set at the Minneapolis club.


STACK-A-LEE No known live performance


STAND BY ME August 28, 1990 Holiday Star Music Theater (Merrilville)


STEADY ROLLIN' MAN March 22, 1978 Myer Music Bowl (Melbourne)


STEALIN' undetermined
Heard on several informal tapes from 1961 and 1962, and presumably part of Dylan's early club repertoire, but not documented in live performance until the July 2, 1962 Finjan Club recording.


STEP IT UP AND GO No known live performance


STONE WALLS AND STEEL BARS May 21, 1997 Wiesenthal Center Benefit (Beverly Hills)


STREETS OF GLORY undetermined
Recorded on the September 1960 Minneapolis tape, and presumably part of his repertoire at that time.


SUKIYAKI March 6, 1986 Castle Hall (Osaka)