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MAKE ME A PALLET ON YOUR FLOOR perhaps spring 1962
While no live performance of this traditional song has been documented, Dylan performed it in mid-October 1962 on Billy Faier's New York City radio program.


MAKING BELIEVE June 24, 1989 Acikhava Tiyatrosu (Istanbul)


MAN OF CONSTANT SORROW probably spring 1960
Reported as a regular feature of Dylan's St. Paul club sets, recorded on several early informal tapes, released on his debut album, and reported to be part of his first audition for Ed Sullivan's TV show; but the first documented performance of the song is the Folk Songs And More Folk Songs TV broadcast.


MARY ANN probably spring 1960
This song appears on the Karen Wallace Tape, which apparently consists of songs from Dylan's earliest repertoire.


MARY OF THE WILD MOOR November 12, 1980 Fox Warfield (San Francisco)
Dylan worked up a manuscript of this song during the summer of 1961, perhaps considering it for his club repertoire, but no live performance from that time has been reported.


MATCHBOX undetermined
Dylan once told Carl Perkins he played this song with one of his high school bands, and that it was the first song he ever recorded; that recording may survive on the acetate that Larry Kegan's estate has offered for sale. Dylan later recorded the song with Johnny Cash in 1969 and, less formally, with George Harrison in 1970. The Grafitti Band played it at the Palomino Club in 1987, with Dylan, John Fogerty, and George Harrison informally joining on guitar. Carl Perkins himself performed the song, backed by Dylan and his band, in a walkon appearance at Dylan's November 10, 1994 concert In Jackson, TN. Dylan's first (and only) documented standard performance of the song was in Adelaide, August 24, 1998.


MEAN OL' SOUTHERN RAILROAD July 29, 1961 Riverside Church (New York City)
Song performed by Danny Kalb, with Dylan backing on harp. An earlier club performance appears likely.


MERCEDES BENZ April 22, 1976 (early) Bellevue Biltmore Hotel (Clearwater)
Heylin reports that Dylan and Bobby Neuwirth performed two duet versions of this song during the first, semi-private, show videotaped for the original, unreleased 1976 TV special. No recordings circulate. The song was a staple of Neuwirth's 1975 short solo set during the Revue's concerts, and the extent of Dylan's contribution has not been established.


MILKCOW CALF'S BLUES August xx, 2004 ballpark TBD
Dylan and Willie Nelson duetted on a contemporary variant of this classic blues, his only known live rendition of any form of the song. He recorded a more traditional version during the Freewheelin' sessions.


MONEY HONEY November 15, 1999 Barton Hall (Ithaca)


MONKEY AND THE ENGINEER February 12, 1989 Forum (Inglewood)
Song performed by the Grateful Dead, with Dylan joining on guitar.


MOON RIVER August 27, 1990 Holiday Star Music Theater (Merrilville)


MOONDANCE November 19, 1991 Civic Center (Erie)


MOONSHINER unknown, perhaps spring 1962
The earliest documented performance of this song is found on the October 1962 Gaslight Tapes. Dylan later recorded it at the August 12, 1963 session for The Times They Are A-Changin', although the track was not released until The Bootleg Series 1-3. Sometimes incongruously identified as "Moonshine Blues."


MORE AND MORE August 26, 1989 Summit (Houston)
An informal hotel room performance with Joan Baez was reportedly filmed during Dylan's 1965 British tour, but was not used in Don't Look Back.


MOTHERLESS CHILDREN unknown, perhaps spring 1962
The only documented public performance of this song is found on the October 1962 Gaslight Tapes; however, a fragment of the song can be heard on the "telephone tape" excerpts from Tony Glover's summer 1962 recording of an informal performance in Minneapolis (known as the first Whitaker tape, since it was recorded at the home of Dylan's college friend Dave Whitaker.)


MR. BOJANGLES No live performance


MULESKINNER BLUES probably spring 1960
This song appears on the Karen Wallace Tape, which apparently consists of songs from Dylan's earliest repertoire. Several other early informal performances are known, but the first recorded live performance is found on the July 2, 1962 Finjan Tape.


MUTINEER October 4, 2002 Key Arena (Seattle)


MY BLUE EYED JANE January 26, 1999 Everblades Arena (Fort Myers)


MY HEAD'S IN MISSISSIPPI October 25, 1990 Tad Smith Coliseum (Oxford)


MY TRUE LA LA May 28, 1989 Globe Arena (Sweden)