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LADY CAME FROM BALTIMORE April 6, 1994 Adler Theater (Davenport)


LADY OF CARLISLE perhaps summer 1961
This title is listed on a 1961 manuscript which Heylin has described as planned setlists and, more recently, a tentative proposal for thes debut album. Many of the songs appeared in Dylan's club sets at that time, but this song was not documented until he performed it April 14, 1992 at the State Theatre in Sydney.


LAKES OF PONTCHARTRAIN June 7, 1988 Pavilion (Concord, CA)


LAWYERS, GUNS AND MONEY October 5, 2002 MacArthur Court (Eugene)


LET IT BE ME June 23, 1981 Stade Yves-du-Mano (Colombes)


LET'S BEGIN June 27, 1981 Earls Court (London)
Usually if not always performed as a duet with Clydie King.


LET'S LEARN TO LIVE AND LOVE AGAIN August 26, 1990 Iowa State Fair (Des Moines)


LET'S STICK TOGETHER No live performance


LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL June 11, 1986 Lawler Events Center (Reno)


LILY OF THE WEST No known live performance


LITTLE MAGGIE March 18, 1992 Entertainment Centre (Perth)
An informal performance of this song was also recorded during the 1985 Live Aid rehearsals.


LITTLE MOSES perhaps spring 1961 perhaps Gerdes Folk City (NYC)
In a 1978 interview with Jonathan Cott, Dylan remembered performing this song at Gerdes Folk City. A recording of the song, often attributed to RTR rehearsals, is included in the soundtrack for Renaldo And Clara; and a short fragment of the song was recorded at the Self Portrait sessions. It would not be surprising if this were among the Carter Family songs heard at Dylan's Minneapolis club dates, but there is no mention of the song in accounts of those performances. The earliest circulating live recording is from the March 21, 1992 (Perth) concert.


LITTLE RED ROOSTER July 2, 1986 Rubber Bowl (Akron)
Song performed by the Grateful Dead, with Dylan joining on guitar.


LITTLE SADIE No live performance


LONDON CALLING November 21, 2005 Brixton Academy (London)
Dylan performed an abbreviated version of the song as the introduction to his encore set. He has not performed a full-length version.


LONE PILGRIM No live performance


LONESOME BEDROOM BLUES February 20, 1978 Budokan (Tokyo)


LONESOME RIVER No known live performance
However, Dylan soundchecked the song on December 1 and 2, 1997 (though only the latter version circulates among collectors).


LONESOME TOWN February 5, 1986 Athletic Park (Wellington)


LONG BLACK VEIL April 28, 1997 Capitol Music Hall (Wheeling)
Dylan reportedly performed this song informally at a party at Kinky Friedman's home in the summer of 1976, and recorded it during the June 1970 New Morning sessions.


LONG JOHN unknown, perhaps fall 1961
While no live performances of this song have been recorded or reported, Dylan played it for Tony Glover's Minnesota Hotel Tape recording. It appears likely that the song turned up in Dylan's early New York club performances. Some comments about the song suggest he learned it from Dave Ray, and may have been playing it at Minneapolis clubs a year earlier.


LOOKING FOR A LOVE March 23, 1975 SNACK benefit (San Francisco)
Song performed by Neil Young, backed by Dylan and several members of The Band.


LOST HIGHWAY No known live performance
However, part of an informal performance by Dylan and Joan Baez is included in Don't Look Back..


LOVE HENRY No live performance


LOVE HER WITH A FEELING February 26, 1978 Matsushita Denki Taiikuhan (Osaka)


LOVING YOU IS SWEETER THAN EVER March 23, 1975 SNACK benefit (San Francisco)
Song performed by members of The Band, backed by Dylan and Neil Young.


LUCILLE February 19, 1987 Palomino Club (Los Angeles)
Song performed by the Grafitti Band, with Dylan, John Fogerty, and George Harrison informally joining on guitar.