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FARE THEE WELL perhaps spring 1960
This song appears on the Karen Wallace Tape, which apparently consists of songs from Dylan's earliest repertoire.


FAREWELL TO THE GOLD November 2, 1992 Stanbaugh Auditorium (Youngstown)


FEMALE RAMBLING SAILOR March 21, 1992 Entertainment Centre (Perth)


FEVER November 22, 1980 Fox Warfield (San Francisco)


FIXIN' TO DIE perhaps summer 1961
Heylin reports a lost recording of this song, performed with Dave Van Ronk and John Gibson, from the Folklore Center, late in October 1961. Dylan performed the song solo at his November 4 Carnegie Recital Hall concert and recorded it for his first album.


FLIRTY GERTY probably winter 1957
Reported as one of the setpieces of the Golden Chords' performances in and around Hibbing.


FOLSOM PRISON BLUES July 10, 1991 Champlain Valley Fairgrounds (Essex Junction)


FRANKIE AND ALBERT no live performance


While this song was recorded for Bob Dylan, only one live performance has been documented, on a short club tape variously dated to late 1962 and spring 1963. Hajdu reports that this song, like all the covers recorded for the debut album, was drawn from Dylan's existing club repertoire.


FRIEND OF THE DEVIL August 27, 1990 Holiday Star Theater (Merrilville)


FROGGIE WENT A-COURTING no live performance