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EARLY MORNING RAIN July 3, 1989 Marcus Amphitheater (Milwaukee)


EARTH ANGEL July 9, 1986 Marriott hotel lounge (near Mansfield)
An informal late-night performance, reportedly backed by Etta James and her band (or a house band). Dylan has said that the song was likely part of the Golden Chords' repertoire, but no other reports of a Hibbing performance are known.


EAST VIRGINIA BLUES no live performance
The broadcast performance with Earl Scruggs was staged without an audience.


EASY LOVIN' April 18, 2003 Granada Theater (Dallas)


EILEEN AROON June 15, 1988 Fiddler's Green (Denver)


EL PASO August 29, 1989 Pan American Center (Las Cruces)
Performed only as an instrumental opener (and closer).


END OF THE INNOCENCE October 8, 2002 Memorial Auditorium (Sacramento)


ENLIGHTENMENT June 8, 1991 Palatrussardi (Milan)
Song performed by Van Morrison, with Dylan on harp.


EVERY DAY no live performance
A very informal rendition of the song, from an after-hours jam in a hotel lounge in Wellington, NZ (February 6, 1986) was recorded and now circulates among collectors. Dylan also rehearsed the song with the Grateful Dead in 1987.


EVERY NIGHT WHEN THE SUN GOES IN perhaps spring 1961
This song appears on the Karen Wallace Tape, which apparently consists of songs from Dylan's earliest repertoire.


EVERYBODY'S MOVIN' June 10, 1988 Greek Theater (Berkeley)