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CANADEE-I-O no live performance


CANDY MAN unknown, perhaps fall 1961
While no live performances of this song have been recorded or reported, Dylan played it for Tony Glover's Minnesota Hotel Tape recording. It appears likely that this song, common among 1960's folksingers, turned up in Dylan's early New York club performances.


CAR CAR probably spring 1960 perhaps Ten O'Clock Scholar (St. Paul)
Reported as a regular feature of Dylan's St. Paul club sets. Earliest recorded live performance found on the first Gaslight Tape (September 6, 1961).


CARRYING A TORCH October 19, 2002 San Diego State University (San Diego)


CASSIDY February 12, 1989 Forum (Inglewood)
Song performed by the Grateful Dead, with Dylan joining on guitar.


A CHANGE IS GONNA COME March 28, 2004 Apollo Theater (NYC)
Several sources incorrectly list Carolyn Dennis' July 1, 1978 (Nuremberg) rendition of this song as a Dylan performance.


COCAINE BLUES unknown, perhaps fall 1961
Dylan played this song for Tony Glover's December 1961 Minnesota Hotel Tape recording. Although the first documented live version of the song is from the October 1962 Gaslight tape, it was probably featured in Dylan's club sets by the fall of 1961.


COLUMBUS STOCKADE BLUES probably spring 1960
This song appears on the Karen Wallace Tape, which apparently consists of songs from Dylan's earliest repertoire. A year later, Dylan refurbished the song as "California Brown-Eyed Baby,"; there is no evidence of any public performance of the later version.


CONFIDENTIAL TO ME May 30, 1989 Jaahalli (Helsinki)


COUPLE MORE YEARS November 17, 1980 Fox Warfield (San Francisco)


CRAZY LOVE June 28, 1989 Panathanaika Stadium (Athens)
Performed as a duet with Van Morrison.


CROSSCUT SAW February 19, 1987 Palomino Club (Los Angeles)
Song performed by the Grafitti Band, with Dylan, John Fogerty, and George Harrison informally joining on guitar.


CROSSROADS [CROSS ROAD BLUES] June 30, 1999 Crossroads Benefit (New York City)
Song performed by Eric Clapton, joined by Dylan.


THE CUCKOO IS A PRETTY BIRD perhaps summer 1961
This title is listed on a 1961 manuscript which Heylin has described as planned setlists and, more recently, a tentative proposal for Dylan's debut album. The earliest documented live performance is found on the October 1962 Gaslight tape.