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BABY PLEASE DON'T GO unknown, perhaps fall 1961
While no early live performances of this song have been recorded or reported, Dylan recorded it during the Freewheelin' sessions, played it for Tony Glover's Minnesota Hotel Tape recording, and performed it on Cynthia Gooding's radio program in early 1962. It is very likely that the song was part of Dylan's early club repertoire. The first documented live performance of the song was August 10, 2003 (Holmdel) in a walkon appearance with Tom Petty.


BACKWATER BLUES probably fall 1961
A live recording of this song from the November 4, 1961 Carnegie Recital Hall concert survives. Heylin reports that many of the songs on that concert's playlists are recent additions to Dylan's repertoire.


BACON FAT February 19, 1987 Palomino Club (Los Angeles)
Song performed by the Grafitti Band, with Dylan, John Fogerty, and George Harrison informally joining on guitar.


BALL AND BISCUIT March 17, 2004 State Theater (Detroit)
Song performed by Jack White, backed by Dylan and his band.


BANKS OF THE OHIO July 5, 1975 Other End (New York City)
Song performed by Patti Smith, backed by Dylan on piano.


This Anglo-American folk standard has turned up in Dylan's live performances over several decades. The earliest known recording, and earliest reported performance, is found on the October 1962 Gaslight Tape. But the song was likely part of his repertoire even in Minnesota, perhaps even among the songs he learned from Spider John Koerner in the winter of 1960.


BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC August 29, 1990 State Fair (Minneapolis, MN)
Heylin reports this song as the instrumental opener; other sources list the "Marine Hymn."


BATTLESHIP OF MAINE perhaps summer 1961
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