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The color/font key for these pages is fairly straightforward:

When a title is shown in blue type, the live debut date appears firmly established (although some dates for the 1960'sthe appearance may not be as reliable as for later years). If the border for an entry is highlighted, the performance is established as unique, and a recording of it circulates.

When a title is shown in italic blue type, a commonly accepted live debut date is often reported, even though the actual live debut is probably slightly earlier.

When a title is shown in green type, the live debut date cannot be fixed to a particular date or placed in a short span of time. For many of these songs, the first recorded performance has often been listed incorrectly as the live debut.

When a title is shown in black type, no live performances are known. For songs written in the 1970's or later, it is generally fair to conclude that Dylan has not performed the song live; for earlier songs, it is often possible that scattered live performances have gone unreported.